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Kinnikinnick Elementary School is a grade school in Roscoe, IL with an average student population of 400 because it only allows 4th and 5th graders. It is also the home of the Braves. The teachers are reasonably nice but some will take you to the Rockton Cemetery on your last day of school to look at old headstones. It has a great playground and only has seven buses to take children home in. The school used to be the middle school of Roscoe, but was annihilated after a Tornado hit it during the 1970's. It was rebuilt as a grade school. Kinnikinnick was a Native American Tribe and thus the name of the school. Anyone who goes here will have a good education.
"Where did you go to grade school?"
"Kinnikinnick Elementary School."
"What the hell kind of name is that?! Dude. How do you even spell that?"
"I don't know. I went to the school and I still don't know how to spell it."
by Mrs. Meers September 14, 2011