something that is deliciously kinky.
Oo, strawberries and whip cream. that's so kinkalicious.
by jULiE March 13, 2005
Although commonly it would seem to mean 'deliciously kinky', kinkalicious can mean anything positive in a delicious/sexy/attractive sort of way. (The second meaning originated in Beaverton, OR)

Sometimes used to elicit a laugh from someone.
1. Damn, you're looking kinkalicious today!
2. Oh, this cake is so kinkalicious.
3. That colour looks uber kinkalicious on you!
by zombiecake December 27, 2010
Same as Kinky, with a little sexiness added to it.
Owned by Faith D. ;D
Damn, foo'...Why you gotta be so "Kinkalicious"?
by YoJigga123 June 07, 2011
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