The Smokeable Forest.

Haha, it's true, we have lots of weed here, and alcohol, and parties.

The schools pretty much consist of the skaters, preps, jocks, and non clique people, or the coolest mother fuckers ever. If you don't belong to a clique, you pretty much have every right to do whatever you want. Most families that live in Kings Point, the really rich neighborhood, are stuck up and the popular, faggish people. The real OG's come from Kings Forest, Woodland Hills, Bear Branch, and occasionally Elm Grove. Elm Grove is where the real poor people in Kingwood live, and Woodland Hills apartments, the true ghetto of Kingwood. Too many black people from Katrina, but only a select few are real black people, not the fake "rapper wannabes".
Person from downtown Houston "Hey, you from Kingwood?"

Person from Kingwood "Yah, so what, you want some of this bitch, I got 20 niggas that'll fuck you up just like that."

Person from Houston "Oh ya? Well that's cool, you punk bitch. You bring disgrace to Kingwood, you white bitch."
by kingwood og August 27, 2008
A city in Texas, called a bubble by its inhabitants, and called The smokeable Forest by its hippies. Where children are left alone at home for long period of times to smoke weed and do other nifty drugs. To many nigger lovers are here, as well as wiggers and black ppl trying to b niggers but turn out to jsut be white. Ppl here think they are the shit and are untouchable. The only gangs here are The boy scouts and the girl scouts watch out if your wearing the wrong colors youll get 10 cookies embeded in ur chest or multch for your organs.
"kingwood sucks bitches"
by Juju Jesus P. April 30, 2005
The lands of the Kings, located in Texas. Most people see it as a snobby place, but it isnt. It is the home to the MFA's Godfather.

Buenos Noches
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
Where the real playa resides, this would be people like the Godfather.
Welcome to Kingwood, now wheres my money?
by jake September 04, 2003
There's a Kingwood in Texas, but we're here to discuss the true Kingwood- Kingwood, NJ. A small country town. Good school system. Called K-Wood by select students of Kingwood Township.
We're cool, cuz we from K-Wood.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004

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