An all australian car that encompasses every mans dream of power and elegance
"Oh no, not the kingswood!!" - Butterfingers song
by nemesis May 21, 2006
Top Definition
ghetto ass high school, thats currently under construction. a common phrase is Kingsweed: where the grades are low and the kids are high, haha. & too many white ppl to count

located in Wolfeboro NH
Fuck yeah, its where the kids are high and the grades are low
IT IS Kingswood baby
by thereallesbianfr April 28, 2011
The girls part of Cranbrook.
See Cranbrook. Kingswood girls r hott
by aneyebt May 14, 2005
The girls part of Cranbrook. Cranbrook and Kingswood used to be all single sex but now they have joined for one co-ed highschool.
boy 1: Did you talk to that Kingswood girl?
boy 2: Yeah she is soo hot!
by Berksanitation July 06, 2006
One-way shit hole of East Bristol. Also known as Kingswodz. Famous for its fighting, silly little chav monkey-scum who think they're invincible, and the great world renowned chasers nightclub!
Lets go up wodz a get f**cked in chasers
by Beaver23 June 08, 2005
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