Verb - When Toby and Charlie go out to the bar; when Toby and Charlie drink beer; any amount of supreme excellence involving drinking (must include Toby and Charlie)
Innocent bystander: "You guys drink a lot, maybe you're alcoholics"

Toby and Charlie: "What the fuck is alcoholic??? It's called Kinging, LOOK IT UP!!!"
by King Tobin November 17, 2013
Top Definition
When you dominate and rule someone else by winning or make a fool of someone making them feel weak.
I am just kinging you right know.
by King13EP August 17, 2013
To get a lot of girls or mess with a lot of girls; to be a player
Me and my girl broke up because I cheated, too many girls like me I can't stop kinging.
by AverageboyGabe December 16, 2014
The act of doing "King" things.
Chris: Bro, it's like 4 PM, is he still sleeping?

Vincent: Yeah man, he is Kinging.

Natalie: Hey, have you heard from Ryan lately? He hasn't talked to me in months.

Maria: I have not. He must be Kinging.

John: Did I just hear a beer can open? It's 8' in the morning for Christ sake!
Shane: That gentleman or lady, must be conducting, a Kinging.
by Harold and Kumar Boys October 28, 2015
Wrapping one's face in a garment, such as a scarf or ascot, to dramatically obscure one's identity. Often used in selfies.
"Who robbed that bank?"
"Idk he was kinging wit dat banana hammock mang"
by Reaper6121 July 18, 2013
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