Slighty masculine-looking female from SNK's King of Fighters series.
King is cute, even if she does dress and look likes a guy.
by NeoChaosEX October 13, 2003
To beat mercilessly, like the police beat Rodney King. Past tense "kinged", present tense "to king" not "kinging".

Thanks to CTB for this one.
You should have seen wrestling the other day, the champ got totally kinged and lost the match!
by bisxual Yankee geek June 21, 2003
something that is really great.
by matt May 12, 2003
Title of a regular Latin King , Bush King, or Ghetto King gang member.
King Tone former head of NY LKs, King papa Sancho founder of chicago LKs
by OG Tec August 03, 2006

The ruler
The KING of Rock n' Roll
by Evo June 04, 2003
1. Cool, or awesome

2. To act as such
dude1: check out my ps3, isn't it totally king?
dude2: ya thats totally king
by Tyler Pulliam April 29, 2007
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