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Someone you haven't figured out yet.
I don't know him very well, I'm gonna have to go King on him.
by Jon Neal December 05, 2003
3 11

The ruler
The KING of Rock n' Roll
by Evo June 04, 2003
22 31
something that is really great.
by matt May 12, 2003
8 17
1. Cool, or awesome

2. To act as such
dude1: check out my ps3, isn't it totally king?
dude2: ya thats totally king
by Tyler Pulliam April 29, 2007
6 16
An old school character from the Tekken series, he has been in every single one. It's that guy wearing a Jaguar Mask. He is a wrestler and is inspired by the Mexican Luchadores, with highflying techniques and power moves.
Kings Rolling Death Cradle is pretty damn tight
by Decca May 14, 2005
53 63
To beat mercilessly, like the police beat Rodney King. Past tense "kinged", present tense "to king" not "kinging".

Thanks to CTB for this one.
You should have seen wrestling the other day, the champ got totally kinged and lost the match!
by bisxual Yankee geek June 21, 2003
6 16
legend with all the people
daniel king
by daniel king February 17, 2003
18 28