A Graffiti term meaning a graffiti writer who is the best and has done most graffiti in their city. Also has respect and fame locally or even internationally.
Who's number one?... He's the King!
by Yelski July 29, 2006
new slang used in two ways:

1.) in place of played-out terms such as "tight, cool, hot"
2.) another way of refering to "top-notch"
1.) damn fam, that ish is king
2.) afghani hydro, now that some king ish
by chefboyrbeatz December 21, 2005
What people say when something good happens. opposite of bush.

An expression to show delight.

Originated in Saskatchewan.
"Did you see that last shot?
Yeah it was KING!!"
by ananine mouse February 18, 2008
1. verb. to succeed.

"kinging" is a logical follow up from "acing". It means to do well, though not perfect.

2. verb to advance (or be advanced) to a higher level or condition.
1. Bob kinged the test.

2. Bob was kinged to CEO of the company
by MichaelW November 15, 2006
KING(KING)n 1. abbr k., k. a male sovereign 2. one that is supreme or preeminent in a particular group, category, or spere. 3. King. a. The perfect, omniscient, omnipotent being. b. T.I.
t.i, alex drischel(me) hunter freeman willie davies and randy sullivan, not matt shafer. (yet)
ti is the king of the south and im the king of my school
by Alex Drischel September 17, 2006
A word used generally in exclaimation when something or someone is very very good.
Going back to year 11...
Random: Outward Bound is over in 2 days!
Everyone else: KING!
by Lii August 13, 2005
An event or news that is very important or big. King-size.
"You're having a baby? Thats so king!"
by Jb January 22, 2005

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