Title of a regular Latin King , Bush King, or Ghetto King gang member.
King Tone former head of NY LKs, King papa Sancho founder of chicago LKs
by OG Tec August 03, 2006
A word used generally in exclaimation when something or someone is very very good.
Going back to year 11...
Random: Outward Bound is over in 2 days!
Everyone else: KING!
by Lii August 13, 2005
An event or news that is very important or big. King-size.
"You're having a baby? Thats so king!"
by Jb January 22, 2005
a person who claims a the color "black", but doesn't neceserely claim a set or gang. And insults towards that color usually is insulting the person who claims it.
dude: "man i fuckin hate black, it's such a stupid color!"
king(claims black): "What the then fuck bitch, wanna box!!!!"
dude: "sorry man it's just a color, i had no intensions of insulting you.....i'm sorry"
by penso November 02, 2007
KING Stands For

Keepin It Nuttin But G

K. I. N. G.
Yo he be qettin mad qirls so u know he King
by KingAmax27 August 29, 2007
1. A male ruler of a monarchal society. Not to be confused with Emperor, Czar, or other such titles.

2. The most important peice in a game of chess. Whichever player "eat's" their opponent's king first, wins. The King peice can only move one square in any direction.

3. The act of placing another checkers peice on your opponent's checker when he/she has reached your side of the checkerboard. This allows the player to move said peice in any direction, instead of just forwards.

4. A video-game character. Appearing only in the game, "RockMan and Forte", King attempted to create a robot utopia by reviving all of Dr. Wily's Robot Masters to form a great Robot army. Though appearing to work on his own, it was later discovered that he had, in fact (and not surprisngly), been working for Dr. Wily, who created him in the first place. In the MegaMan version of the game's ending, King is, supposedly, still alive (He sends MegaMan a letter telling him that he is fine and has seen the error of his ways). However, it is hard to say wether the same is true in the Bass (aka "Forte") ending, since he is not even mentioned.
1. Arthur was an important and legendary King of mideival times.

2. "Checkmate! I've got your king!"

3. "King me!"

4. "Aww man. I can never get past King!"
by Dray84 January 24, 2005
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