Title of a regular Latin King , Bush King, or Ghetto King gang member.
King Tone former head of NY LKs, King papa Sancho founder of chicago LKs
by OG Tec August 03, 2006
A powerful amphetamine based stimulant often used by clubbers.

Misuse has words attached to it named after chess.
A. He's check mated.
B. Where is he?
A. On the floor of the smoking area.

A. He was holding the prince but security still let him in
B. Fuck, that was lucky
by sREEtDeaLeR July 12, 2009
Playing Kings is the best way to get really drunk.
A large bowl - The King Cup - is placed in the centre of the table. All 52 cards in a circle around it. Get your friends round the table. Take turns picking one card at a time. Each card means something.

A - Waterfall. Person who pulled the card drinks. Everyone else must kept drinking until the person before them stops. Basically, if you're last, you're fucked.
2 - You. Pick someone to drink.
3 - Me. Drink
4 - Whore's. Ladies drink.
5 - Nose. Everyone puts their finger on their nose, last one to do so, drinks.
6 - Dicks. Got a penis? Drink.
7 - Deal 7. The person who pulled the card can: a) pick x7 people to take a drink. B) Make one person drink x7.
8 - Mate. Drink with a Mate.
9 - Rhyme. The person with the card says a word. It goes round the table until someone messes up or repeats. Decide beforehand if the words 'Silver' and 'Orange' are accepted.
10 - Drink Again. Take a drink. Then one more.

Jack - Make a rule. If the rule is broken, the person must drink. Example - Nobody drinks with their right hand.
Queen - Question. The person who pulled the card picks someone. Asks them a question. The person asked must answer with another question, and so on, until someone makes a statement.
King - When a King is pulled, everyone pours a little of their drink into 'The King Cup'. The last King drinks the whole thing. Especially disgusting depending on what everyone has been drinking.
Person 1: I got sloshed playing Kings last night.
Person 2: You pulled the last King?
Person 1: Yeah... it was Strongbow, Bud, Vodka, Peach Shnapps, Malibu, dark Rum, and Red Wine.
Person 2: And you're still alive?
by Queen of Kings February 20, 2013
adj.) (1) having or showing a generous nature (2) revealing a truly bad-ass nature
I just moved to Chicago, and my friend invited me to Thanksgiving dinner. That was so totally king.
by smoorecrux December 02, 2009
one of the most extraodinary things ever beknownst to the human eye.
ewww that tre flip was sooo king
by Trevor Beck and Jeremy Jones July 30, 2008
Drinking game using all 52 cards in a deck which are spread out in a circular formation around a beer bottle on a table. Then some picks the card and places it on top of the bottle. If someone knocks the cards down they must finish his or her beer. Here are the rules for each card
A- Waterfall- everyone drinks and cant stop drinking until the starter stops and the person to his or her direct left cant stop etc.
2- is for you- pick someone to drink
3- is for me- I drink
4- is for whores- girls drink
5- put thumb on table, last to do so drinks
6- is for dicks- guys drink
7- heaven- point to the sky last to do so drinks
8- pick a mate- pick someone to drink with you
9- bust a rhyme- rhyme around the circle until someone messes up then they drink
10- (In my circle of friends this rule is very disputed)- supposed to be never have i ever but that takes to long so we do make a rule ex. no cussing, smoking, names etc. or make a sentence so one person says a word and it goes around the circle forming a sentence, whoever messes it up drinks
J- Jesus- can make anyone drink at any time (keep this card until someone else draws it)
Q- Question- if you draw this card and ask someone a question and they answer it they must drink(Keep until someone else draws it)
K- Category- pick a category and say it like condom- durex, lifestyles, trojan etc. whoever cant think of one must drink
-Hey Tony lets set up kings and get fucked up

-Hey make a rule saying only us two can smoke and no one else can haha
by incredible joe jackson August 21, 2009
a form of respect umongst peers, also can be seen as "everyone man is a king in his own right".

When someone greets you with king it's respect to reply back with king.
My comrade greeted me with... "peace king".
by L.U.M.P August 04, 2005
Peerless. Used as a synonym to rules.
Brad: So have you seen Wall-E yet?
Frank: Yeah, that movie is king!
Brad: King?
Frank: Because it rules!
by ScmykOTT January 11, 2009

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