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A childhood game where kids climb a pile of snow and try to be the only person standing on top. Kids push each other down the snow pile and tries to get to the top to push the "King" off so they can be the new king.. until someone pushes them off. Quite dangerous. Many injuries may occur, depending on icyness of snow pile and violence level of children participating.
"Krista, come outside, hurry! The neighborhood kids are playing King of the Mountain!"

"I got a bloody nose playing King of the Mountain. Totally worth it."
by straightupBA February 09, 2010
Having sex in a cable car/gondola while going up/or between mountains to ski.
dude, i got king of the mountain today,
sick bro, where did you pick that chick up?
by King of the peak 2 peak April 11, 2011
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