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A men's magazine targeted at Black men ages 18-35. What the magazine features is beyond me but I know this for a fact: There are more half-naked women in that magazine than in the Holocaust.

Go to any apartment or house inhabited by Black men who thrive off of mainstream rap culture, are wannabe thugs or real scary thugs, misogynist, wannabe rappers or sex addicts...and I bet you, there would be a table piled up with King magazines.
Jermaine: Ay, nigga. I'm finna get that new King magazine featuring Karrine Stephans on the cova'!
Dionte: Word, nigga?
Jermaine: Fuck chea' nigga.

Two hours later...

Jermaine: Ay let's go fuck them light-skinned bitches I met at the Grown&Sexy parties last Saturday. That issue of King made my dick hard, dawg.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007
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