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The part of the roof of a Ford truck that is closest to the bed of the truck. This is where the owner (only if a male owner) will sit while hanging out with people in the bed of the truck. Not only does this provide you with lots of room to yourself, it also provides you with a seat that is much higher up than everyone else making you the King. There is an exception for another person to be up there. If your girlfriend or some biddy you are trying to impress wants to hang out in your truck, they are allowed to come up if the King so wishes.

(This is only on Ford trucks. GMC, Toyota, Chevy, Nissan... trucks do not count.)
1 (friend)- Man the side of the bed of the truck is really small and uncomforable to sit on. And since I am so low down, I can't see anything.

2(Ford truck owner)- Well I couldn't relate because the King Seat has plenty of room and I have it all to myself. I am also sitting much higher than you are, making my view much more plesent.

1 (friend)- Damn, I hate my toyota truck. There is no King Seat because it is not a Ford
by T- Ho March 29, 2010
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