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When someone has so much swagga he has no clue what to do with it. A King Rich generally is a natural born rapper, although he can also be a supernatural, or he could not even be a rapper at all.
Scott: Man I got so much swagga, my homie tells me I'm a natural born rapper.

Matt: Yeah, you sure are a real King Rich.

Scott: Thats sick, I make money.
by Swaggaholic May 14, 2009
A man who gets money. Its like a sport to him: everything he does makes him get so much money.
He doesn't do anything illegal but he does so much things that gets him so much money.
Dewey: Man I got so much money I'm piling it above my window

Dan: Oh, what do you do?

Dewey: I don't know what I do, but everything that i do get me so much money.

Dan: ...


Dan: its fuckin KING RICH bitch
by Young Buck Chuck May 18, 2009
anyone who does music solely for themselves.
Fan: How come you don't let us hear your music?

KingricH: When i do it i only do it for me!
by CheAutrY August 21, 2009
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