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A place people know nothing about, and that is the way the residents of King Lake want to keep it. A very private community.
You wouldn't know King Lake is there Just a road and a gate, and that's as far as I got. Those private cops don't play.
by benth April 05, 2008
A very exclusive community west of Omaha,Ne. Just having money isn't enough to get to get accepted. KIng Lake is well known for its beautiful lake shore homes.
William thought he could buy his way into King Lake, it didn't happen.
by benth March 28, 2008
A place where it is possible to own a $1,000,000 plus house and not the land it sits on. All the land is owned by the Archibald family and leased to the other residents. Leases are for a fixed number of years and are good for the original lessee only, anything that violates the terms of these very complicated leases can result in voiding the lease and having to sell or tear down your building. The difficulty in buying into King Lake is really a protection for social climbers, if you step on the wrong toes you can lose your lease, your house and be booted out with no legal recourse.
Edmund bought his king Lake place for a song the former owner lost his lease and had to sell the house or tear it down.
by knowman April 04, 2008

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