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A man (Take notes people, MAN, say it with me, MAN) who generously donated a server to a boy names voogru. After voogru ran his server for a week or two (The game TFC), he decided to switch it to NS, a fair mod for half-life, definetly not the best. After a few arguments, he decided to stop hosting his servers, and, after a few immature pranks, he took a mod for half-life, made by voogru, without permission.

He was flamed by many people (www.voogru.com), and everyone acted VERY immature, while saying stuff like "omg king si a dick look at his ghey ass im going to mess up his computr). Ironic, eh?

Player: Let's just leave king alone to run his servers in peace, ok? Stop acting immature.

ihatekingOLOLOL!: Hoew ab out NO!!!11 OLOLOL!!!1
by Anonymous July 12, 2003