The fag who thinks idling in an IRC channel is harrasing.
by j September 26, 2003
Gay harrasser u will die i swear
A gat named Paul Manner
by Rus March 07, 2004
A kick-ass ride at Kennywood in West Mifflin, PA!!!!
This dude next to me almost threw up on the King Kahuna!
by KingerofertheerKahunaer December 24, 2003
KK what a fucking twat muhhhha ban ban ban from voogro so stfu biach
by Rus October 05, 2003
Countryside LoveGod. Well hung and well hunky. Great shot with the juggling balls.
King Kahuna: Show me the mirror that can accommodate my beautiful visage and I will look into it.
by HM the Cat February 05, 2004
One of the coolest people who runs an NS server for the fans of NS.
King Kahuna is the Llama Slayer.
by L33t Mastah April 04, 2003
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