Countryside LoveGod. Well hung and well hunky. Great shot with the juggling balls.
King Kahuna: Show me the mirror that can accommodate my beautiful visage and I will look into it.
by HM the Cat February 05, 2004
Top Definition
A rude, malicious, tyrannical person who took advantage of Natural Selection's best modder (see Voogru). Was known to use cheats that was accidentally implemented into NSAdmin. In the end, he was ousted by Voogru and the community of Upon his ousting, he deliberately stooped to the intelligence level capable of a 3rd grader, using ban threats, IRC insults, and even threatening to call the FBI on people in false accusations.

Commonly seen with lapdogs kittymor and Landshark, and his prepubescent idiot of a son, Prince Kahuna.

Also seen in making up false stories so bad, the critics want to hold a .357 to their head screaming "END IT NOW!"

Synonyms: asshat
NSPlayer: Hey King, where did you get that stuff? Half of that isn't researched yet!
KingKahuna: nsa_ban NSPlayer
by Godfather September 04, 2003
an asshole
King-Omg prince suck me harder!
by Anonymous July 24, 2003
Immature brat of a human being who acts like a 14 yr old kid but in actuality is a middle aged man with small penis like Chinese man. (His wife)

See Voogru For Relation
"I got pwned by King in the ass because I said it is wrong to cheat. WTF"

"Uh oh, gotta suck King's cack so I don't get pwnedez0rz and banned from Voogru.
by Captain Stupid March 18, 2003
1. The guy who banned people for cheating, but cheated himself.

2. Selfess old bastard that likes men.

3. The Kahunastratator or the bastard that bans anyone in the NS community for playing NSAdmin.

4. High on drugs.
1. Guy1: King Kahuna banned me.
Guy2: I heard you have to suck his dick to get unbanned
by KingHater June 17, 2003
A Very hypocritic person, that should practice what they preach and stop preying on little boys. Pedophile. A person with absolutely no life so at 46 years old he is forced to have what he thinks is a life online, playing games he'll never be good at. Don't piss him off by having an opinion - he'll ban you - typical hypocrit move. His son, usually a prince, will look like a real life picaso, nasty!! He will be pathetic and will think of himself as cool by using words like; pwned(owned), banhammer, fail, etc. He will make up words like "kahunastrator" in a failed attempt to be witty.
He will hold grudges on things he knows nothing about and problems that he caused in the first place. This will force him to have terror struck into his life by people he doesn't know, and they'll never stop.
I just "owned" King Kahuna!
Remember - jesus loves you!
by Jesus Christy January 11, 2008
Back Stabber, Ass Grabber.
LandShark, will you suck my toes?
by Maarlo July 12, 2003
Fucking gay and horny so dumb

Dumb gay stupid dumb and fucking a MORON!
by Your wrost nightmare March 18, 2003
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