A.K.A Janne Heiskanen.
The ultimate Chinner.
This is the godlike ultimate Chinner that all Fellow Chinners aspire to be.
To be King Chin is to be Janne Heiskanen.
To be a true Chinner of theFellowship of Chinnerdom is to worship and fear Janne Heiskanen.
Those who do not will be chinned.
Those who do will be chinned.

KING CHIN has spoken.
"Oh my goodness, it's KING CHIN!" - meaning "Praise be upon us! Janne Heiskanen has entered the room!"

"What in the name of the great King Chin is this?!" - A phrase of utter disbelief. Often used when someone says that Aki Hakala is a better drummer than Janne Heiskanen.
by Lauri (NOT Lauri Ylönen) January 02, 2005
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