a specific style consisting of little girl style dresses, knee high socks/tights, marry janes, smeared lipstick, and heavy eye makeup and things of the same likeness. first thought up by Courtney love in the 90s.
Samantha looks like a 5 year old prostitute. thats so kinder whore.
by Kelly050192 August 18, 2008
Top Definition
A fashion trend in the early nineties which was probabaly indirectly influenced by japanese kawaii, and popularised by courtney love, where a girl mid teens - any age really puts on torn babydoll dresses, cigarette burned tights and biig boots......grungey with a little girl/whore type thing. smudgey eyes and messed up hair.. like you fucked all night and rolled out bed the next morning. niiice.
courtney love dressed kinderwhore. Kat Bjelland claimed courtney stole the style off her. riot grrrl became synonamous with kinderwhore
by soppphie August 30, 2006
A fetish look that was made popular in the early 90's by Courtney Love. It consists of red smudged lipstick, smeared mascara with heavy eyeliner, ripped up babydoll dresses, and bedhair. It is thought to have been created by Kat Bjellard of Babes in Toyland and stolen by Courtney. Courtney herself claims she got the idea from the lead singer of new wave 80's band The Divynls.
Kinderwhore was popular in the early 90's.
by stephanie December 29, 2004
An early 1990's style popular with female punk bands in America, kinderwhore is a mix of grunge, punk and lolita styles. The look consists of ripped stockings (especially fishnets) or lace-top knee highs, negligee's or baby doll dresses, platform mary janes or dr martin boots, messy hair and smeared makeup. Musician Kat Bjelland claims to have invented the look, and says former bandmate Courtney Love copied it. Love claims she took the style from Christina Amphlett of the Divinyls. It is generally accepted that Courtney popularised the kinderwhore style but did not come up with it.
Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland (in the 90's), KatieJane Garside (from Daisy Chainsaw) and the UKs band Fluffy and Lush are examples of female kinderwhore. Twiggy Ramirez also wore the style for a while in order to ridicule Courtney Love
by mademoiselle butterfly November 28, 2008
A fashion trend popular in the late 80's and mid 90's. With a "riot grrrl"attitude such as Courtney Love , who wears doll-like dresses with knee high socks or ripped stockings,glass high heels and doll like high heels. Make up a bright red lipstick and brown\gray eye shadow
by grungelover90 November 10, 2014
One of the most amazing songs on the face of the earth produced by Shabutie
Holy crap Kinderwhore is the best song on the face of the earth. Claudio Sanchez's voice makes my panties wet.
by thefallofanna April 12, 2008
"kinder" (pronounced kin-der) Comes from the German word "kinder", which means "children"

A grown woman who dresses in clothing meant for a young girl. Or a young girl who dresses older and too sexually suggestive for her age.
a grown woman who's wearing clothing that's way too tight and has words like "baby" or "sugar" written on it.
by queenshaniqua August 04, 2005
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