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Receiving the queen of spades and twelve hearts in a hand of hearts.
Poel got the 2 of hearts so I guess Libo's got a Kinder. Poor bastard.
by Santos L. Halper November 13, 2007
When a person who is underage has a Tinder profile.
Jhad saw a bad bitch on Tinder who appeard to be 20 but ended up as a 16 year old kinder.
by JewFire69 July 12, 2016
Arsehole, Lazy, shit worker, full of bullshit
That bloke is being a proper kinder today ain't he

Your full of kinder mate!
by Sausagewallet November 26, 2013
To take a vigorously large poop with much enjoyment!
When the turtle head was just about to launch, I went to the bathroom and took a kinder...
by Clide K. Ottis July 13, 2010
when someone has a blonde moment, its called a kinder moment. it means someone whos blonde on the inside but not blonde on the outside. its refering to the kinder surprise chocolate eggs which are milk chocolate on the outside, and white chocolate on the inside.
"holy crap, i just had a kinder moment."

"god! stop being such a kinder!"
by Haimi Malu November 03, 2009
a very loving and caring individual. extremely fond of dachshunds.
dayum, look at that hot bitch walking her dachshunds..
oh wait thats kinder.
by da nigger. May 03, 2010
To be a disappointment or deceptive,looks ok on the outside but turns out to be tacky,cheap or shallow on the inside.
He/she seemed genuine,but soon revealed themselves to be a total Kinder.
by Baz James. April 14, 2007
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