An unexpected pregnancy. Derived from the German toy "Kinder Surprise", which literally translates to "Surprise Children".
"I'm pregnant again!", said the girl

"OMFG, another Kinder Surprise", said the boy.
by PopeMichael March 01, 2010
Top Definition
The action whereby a boy will prematurely jizz into a girl's face, in preparation for oral sex, immediately after removing his boxers.
I took a guy home the other night and he kinder surprised me!
by Sicilian Lunchbox April 15, 2010
you people need some serious help. a Kinder Surprise is a German candy bar shaped like an egg and with a toy inside. yummy chocolate but the toy is tiny as hell and gets lost easy
Oh shit i lost my kinder surprise toy
by SexyLexie June 11, 2008
The act where you a girl would clean her anus in preparation for oral butt sex, and while cleaning her anus, fills it with nutella. When her partner proceeds to eat her ass, they will eat the nutella, making it a kinder surprise.
Dude, I got a Kinder surprise last night and it was delicious.
by #freeuab January 20, 2015
The term "Kinder surprise" refers to a black person trying to act as if they are white, hence why a Kinder surprise is black on the outside and white on the inside.
For example; Jess Mauboy, thinking she is soo cool with the Telstra ads.
Sam: Did you see that Kinder surprise over there?
Thalya: Yea she thought she was soo white with all her courage and intelligence!
by Tali xox June 28, 2014
When you lift the cover of a toilet and it's full of shit.
Cubicle 7 was empty, but there was a queue anyway. Sally wanted to investigate, although Mary told her not to. When she lifted the seat, the toilet was full of shit and she shouted in disgust. Mary laughed and yelled "Kinder surprise!"
by Sandra Mae-Darcy March 30, 2009
A type of chocolate, where there is chocolate on the outside, and white chocolate on the inside. Commonly reffered to a black guy, who totally acts like a white dude
haha, that black guy is such a kinder surprise!
by Roflcopter filipino October 18, 2008
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