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a form of measurement or measurement technique that is more accurate than any national standard. Usually used to justify some type of measurement. not to be confused by a voodoo cal.
I can't calibrate this balance because i only brought a jeff's worth of mass, I'll have to use my body weight as measured to the k'inch. I'm going to have to k'inch this measurement to get it to pass.
by ral_phie June 09, 2010
As in "to Kinch," When a girl shits on a guy while having butt sex
"Dude, she just kinched on me!"
by 1234985122343EL September 23, 2008
Generally associated with insanity.
"What are you? A Kinch?!"
by twentypoundnote April 18, 2009
The stillborn fetus which is still attached to a womans vagina until she has the strength to take it of
I would have had sex with katie, but she still has that damn kinch on her crotch
by Jay Flow August 26, 2006