a prickly cunt
disregard kina, acquire a Brazilian
by y0umaddd August 10, 2011
Top Definition
1) The coolest person you will ever meet on earth. Alas, there is only one, so if you find Kina, NEVER LET HER GO!

2) See heaven or nirvana
"i see the light! i see the light!"
"dude, i think you've found kina..."
by Kina The Great January 18, 2008
1.(informal) A shortened word combined from the words kind and of. Used mostly commonly when referring to a feeling or idea.

2.(proper noun) An exotic female name.
1. I'm feeling kina hungry; I'd do it if it was kina safer.

2. Look at Kina, i'd hit that.
by Sk8rJoE May 01, 2006
A short version of fuckin' a.
Raft Guide: That rapid was hairy
Dude: Kin A
by do.g April 14, 2007
A girl who thinks she can twerk but cannot in front of a crowd of people. This can also refer to a girl who needs to wash herself.
1. "Did you see that girl trying to twerk?" "Yeah she is really bad at twerking and smells really bad. What a classic Kina."
by madcat October 22, 2013
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