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A snotty ass bitch who has no life. She wastes her money and is nearly bankrupt because of her shit like her wedding and the stupid ass kid North West. Who the fuck names a child like that. People follow her because they has no life so why not follow someone that has none. Such as her other bitch ass sisters and her mother who are all gold diggers are just plain retarted and have an IQ of -103
Celebrity news reporter: Kim Kardashian has sued her stylist for messing up her legs
Person at home: She ain't got no fucking legs and all that she has is her punk ass sombitch of a baby
by BAMBOOM September 22, 2013
she has big tits and a huge ass. i just love her
kim kardashian has a big booty big tits
by bobby from canada November 18, 2010
A hot sexy model who stands 5'2"-5'3" and has an amazing body from an hour glass figure, amazing rack, and a nice ass, and every guy wishes to fuck her.
Male 1: Dawg check that gorgeous girl out.

Male 2: Dang what a Kim Kardashian.

Male 1: You think I should get with her?
Male 2: Do your best.
by Todd Windmill November 04, 2012
A pretty woman that people are jealous of because they don't have her looks.
"Kim Kardashian is so slutty!"
Me: No your just jealous.
by jealouspeoplemakememad. December 27, 2011