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The only woman that will bring chuck norris to his knees
Chuck Norris does not kneel, he bows to kim.
by chuckisgod February 04, 2010
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Kim is a really nice girl ,she is shy at first but when you get to know her she is mad ,
she's not afraid to make new friends ,she is really nice to talk to and is really funny,
she is a legend,she loves chocolate and loves listing to music,
kim is upsets with that one boy,she is so nice ,she has an unreal figure ,
She has brunette hair and it's long,she loves to text,
she hates when people don't text back,she has many friends
,she is so cool and is amazingly Perfect,she loves that one boy,and she loves her bed
I love kim she is so amazing
I know she is so nice and funny
She's really shy but then she can have her mad funny days
She is perfect
by Orange core December 01, 2013
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kim is adorable.
by bronzelightning March 29, 2009
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Gutsy, determined and is incredibly loyal to those she loves. A beautiful woman. Fun loving and people love to be with her. Imaginative, creative and thoughtful.
Gutsy Kim
by Catnapper February 05, 2010
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A smart, awesome girl who will be a loyal, great, and sweet friend. She'll trust you completely and you can trust her. She's smart but too trusting with people who will use her or be mean to her. She is very kind.

Kims are very pretty but are humble and don't show off.

A Kim will fall in love with someone and obsess over them and never want to let them go even when the person moves to Colorado.

A kim is a great girl. She'll be your BFF once you get through her shyness.
Girl: You're so great Kim!

Boy: God, I like Kim. But all she ever does is follow Brett around.

Teacher: Isn't Kim great? She's so smart and doesn't drive me nuts.
by A+H=4eva February 18, 2011
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She's the girl you always go back to. She's totally her own person, and sometimes people use that against her, but Kim has that fire that just intimidates. She's got those eyes that can seduce you in one glance, or break your heart with a single glare. She's a brunette with an ass that you wanna grab onto for days. She's always bringing fun wherever she goes, yet you'll never find a girl more laid back. She's sexy without even trying, and her personality is just as beautiful. If you manage to find her, she's a keeper.
Him: God fucking damn it, there's Kim.
by cll32 January 19, 2011
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The most beautiful girl ever. She's perfect. She can make you laugh and smile when ever. She's adorable, but can be sexy when ever she wants. I love you kim.
Guy: "damn she looks like a kim."

Guy 2: "hey she's mine. She's perfect"
by confusedblackgirl January 24, 2015
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