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Kimberley Ann Scott Mathers is Hailie's mom and Eminem's ex wife. Her relationship with Marshall Mathers has been misunderstood by many people.
Eminem has "killed" her in two songs, "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" and "Kim". In fact, both songs are reconciliation attempts from Marshall, as he explains it in his book "Angry Blonde"...
Kim grew up with Marshall as his foster sister at his mom's home. In his recent "I Love You More" song (which is a spicy love ballad), Eminem expressed his unconditional love for Kim.
Kim has cheated on Marshall with John Guerra and the press has spilled a lot of ink about that event where Eminem himself got into trouble...and which could have cost him his career. Kim also has some cocaine addiction problems since 2001.
She's currently on probation till 2006.
Kim often gets insulted by my fellow female fans who should consider that her life has been exposed a lot and that whatever may happen between her and Marshall, it is none of our business.
Kim is Hailie and Whitney's mom. Whitney is her second child from her relationship with Eric Hartter.
by Isabelle Esling October 16, 2004
just a normal lady who was in a relationship that had its ups and downs but who's private life was unfortunately public for all to judge.
people who dont know her calling her a whore, people taking lyric's too literally.
by reggie June 16, 2003
Sad young mom who can't live with or without her man--come on, we've all been there. She's just turning to all the wrong places for help.
by Haley August 04, 2003
A distraught and troubled woman in which the media has made out to be the Devils Spawn.
Who are we to judge?? Are we all so perfect that we can stand up and point our fingers at whats right and wrong? Its such a shame....
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
The luckiest woman in the world.
She has a beautiful daughter from an incredibly beautiful/talented man, with whom she had gotten a second chance.
by jen June 11, 2003
Kim Mathers, a confused woman in a explosive relationship the arguements are hot the sex is hot n the ex very hot!!!! JUST A NORMAL WOMAN -weve all been there, well i have anyway.
One minute there crazy in love the next minute just pure crazy.
by Kim (yea i know) January 11, 2005
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