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A Hobbit.
Kanye: My wife Kim Kardashian ain't no Hobbit.
by Field Master Abuo 'Kunai August 15, 2014
-an ass disproportional to your body
-a big, round ass
That girl doesn't have an ordinary butt, she has a Kim Kardashian!
by Joe10101 April 11, 2010
she has big tits and a huge ass. i just love her
kim kardashian has a big booty big tits
by bobby from canada November 18, 2010
A hot sexy model who stands 5'2"-5'3" and has an amazing body from an hour glass figure, amazing rack, and a nice ass, and every guy wishes to fuck her.
Male 1: Dawg check that gorgeous girl out.

Male 2: Dang what a Kim Kardashian.

Male 1: You think I should get with her?
Male 2: Do your best.
by Todd Windmill November 04, 2012
A pretty woman that people are jealous of because they don't have her looks.
"Kim Kardashian is so slutty!"
Me: No your just jealous.
by jealouspeoplemakememad. December 27, 2011