Uselessness personified. A talentless, pointless cumdumpster with nothing constructive to contribute to humanity, and who is only famous for sucking Ray J's dick, being married to Kanye West, and having a tv show that showcases her and the rest of her equally talentless and useless family.
If you actually look up to Kim Kardashian, you're a fucking idiot, and you seriously need to evaluate your life's priorities.
by Dr. Snark, PhD September 30, 2014
Married to Kanye West.
Known for her big, juicy, FAKE butt.
Big bum but can take hella good selfies.
Oh my god look at her butt!

That's like kim Kardashian.
by 1inABillion April 04, 2015
A Hobbit.
Kanye: My wife Kim Kardashian ain't no Hobbit.
by Field Master Abuo 'Kunai August 15, 2014
A shitty ass motherfucker who is married to a douche and shouldn't even be famous and likes to show herself half naked with her boobs hanging out of her shirt.
"Omg did you see Keeping Up With The Kardashians?"

"That show With Kim Kardashian? Believe it's called Keeping Up With the ShitHeads"

"Yes! I watch Keeping Up With The Shit Heads all the time!"
by Morq March 11, 2015
A famous chick with no talent who no one know how she became famous.
Bob: Hey, do you know how Kim Kardashian became famous?
John: No... Anyway she has no talent...
Bob: I guess the world will never know....
by Cclleoo January 07, 2015
-an ass disproportional to your body
-a big, round ass
That girl doesn't have an ordinary butt, she has a Kim Kardashian!
by Joe10101 April 11, 2010
she has big tits and a huge ass. i just love her
kim kardashian has a big booty big tits
by bobby from canada November 18, 2010

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