A some time actress / model who is famous for being famous.
A woman of low moral character who will have sex with black athletes and rappers for the shock value it brings.
A woman with an impossibly large butt.
Attention Whore.
Drama Queen.
A stupid spoiled princess-slut.
Oh my God!! Did you see that attention whore with the huge ass throwing the fit in the restaruant? Who does she think she is, Kim Kardashian? I'm surprised her pimp du jouir didn't slap her down!
#whore #slut #huge ass #attention whore #drama queen
by jsd96321 May 30, 2011
Top Definition
A chick who's famous for having a big ass and a sex tape.
Kim Kardashian is a total ho.
#paris hilton #armenian #porno #sex tape #attention whore
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. May 30, 2008
1. Paris Hilton's socialite friend; a woman who can only see "sex" and "potential best lovers with large penises" in Black men and nothing else when there's much more to them and it is obvious she uses her rotund ass to get Black men's attention.

Ms. Kardashian is a beautiful young woman but unfortunately her lack of intelligence, her crude promiscuity and her cheap, nasty image takes away from that. She is a cum bucket and nothing more or less. Women like her deserves no good respect but rather a severe sexually transmitted disease to teach them a lesson.

2. An expensive prostitute that does not stand on the street corners but leans against beemers.
Kim Kardashian + Ray J = Herpes Sandwich
#slut #whore #hoe #socialite #armenian #trash
by twistedbabydoll August 12, 2007
Reggie Bush's Hoe until he realizes that he can do better.
Did you hear that Reggie Bush uses the penis pump? Yeah...Kim Kardashian show him the Ray-J video.
#gold digger #wanna be #fat #booty call #oportunist
by C-dogg1972 May 13, 2008
A woman who has no talent whatsoever and only uses her looks and physical appearance to attract everyone. She's also a fucking whore because she uploaded a sex tape with her boyfriend.
That slut Kim Kardashian just ditched me!
#slut #whore #skank #ass #pimp
by MetalChick666 June 11, 2010
A mariage or relationship that lasts less than 72 days and involves making a sex tape to get famous. Aswell as not having to buy anything for the wedding then going to Australia with a small stick and a gorilla.
suzy and john did a kim kardashian
#stupid #attention seeking #short #bad marriage #money making of marriage
by MARKUX November 16, 2011
Her primary source of fame is being a friend of Paris Hilton. Like Hilton, Kardashian has been reported in the tabloid press for her romantic interests in singer Justin Timberlake,Ray J, P Diddy, Nick Cannon,Jeremy Ferrer, and a graphic sex tape that surfaced for public viewing in early 2007. The video was purchased by Vivid Video in 2007 for $1 million from an "unidentified" source, and depicts Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Ray J performing various sexual acts. Prior to the release of this adult film Kardashian announced her intention to pursue legal action to further block distribution of the tape.This was the first public acknowledgement of the existence of the tape, which she had previously denied. Despite the impending lawsuit, adult retailers started offering the ability to pre-order the tape in Feb 2007. Vivid Video promised, on March 10, 2007 that it was going ahead with the release of private sex tape regardless of Ms. Kardashian's legal maneveurs. She is featured on the cover of the February/March 2007 issue of Complex magazine and is a model for Christopher Brian apparel. Kardashian is of Armenian descent.
Kim Kardashian is the next Hollywood socialite.
#kimberly #kim #kardashian #socialite #paris #hilton #bff
by Calabassas March 17, 2007
Kim Kardashian is a name u give peple who have a fetish for black guys. It can be use for men and women who love black guys.

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity hoe that loves having black boyfriends.
person1: U have another black boyfriend? U are such a kim kardashian.

person2: I ain't kk, k!
#kim #kardashian #black #fetish #hoe
by emustar loves chris brown October 21, 2009
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