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Pac was talking about killing illuminati. Illuminati is the elite ruling circle, the 34th degree of the Freemason click, which is a century old brotherhood of anglo-saxon protestants. He was tellin you to kill that shit. They're the cats that maintain all the inequality and oppression, supposedly. He came out with this whole theory after his prison stint, and after reading Machiavelli's 'The Prince.' Now it's on us.
Kill Illuminati = Killuminati
by Solo -- 13th Day Theory June 16, 2005
2Pac's niggaz.
"...Mackavelli in this... Killuminati, the blows like a 12-gauge shotty..."
by Jonathan(The Flames) March 16, 2004
Term used to refer to Tupac's belief in the Isamlic faith and therefore his enlightenment. Root word "Illuminati" with a gangster twist "Kill".
"You a Muslim now, no more dope game" -Tupac
by MNP February 21, 2005