Killing Skylines is a code word for masterbation. It is used by friends so other people around them wont know what their talking about.
Brandon: dude, why were you 15 mins late for the church?
Ricky: dude, "Suzzy the Supper Slut dose Texas 2" was on
the Playboy chanal and i was Killing Skylines.
Brandon: Ohh....
by Rickybob28 December 05, 2005
Another term used for masturbation. Used as code words amoung friends when in large crowds, at school, in church, ect., as to not let anyone know what they are talking about. The word Skyline refers to the popular car manufactured by Nissan. Derived from the joke "Everytime you masturbate, God kills a Skyline."
Ricky, Elliot, and Brandon never get laid, so they just kill Skylines.

"Dude I feel like Killing Skylines."
by MXracer726 October 06, 2005

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