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A form of attack, used among friends. One person will shout "Killer Swans!!!!" at someone, then he and the others will proceed to peck at that someone with their hands, as a killer swan would. Very painful and difficult to defend against, especially when about 7 people gang up on you. Hilarious to watch.
(Setting the scene- there are 6 or 7 guys standing around. The situation is tense, there is a climate of fear...All of a sudden...)

"KILLER SWANS!" <><><><><><><><><><>

(Everyone gangs up on someone and pecks them to a painful death.)
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An excuse for guys to feel up guys.

(Setting the scene - there are a group of guys; two of them are Michaelangelo and Joseph)

MICHAELangelo (thinking): I want to feel up JOSepH - I know, I'll shout 'Killer Swans' and then I can feel him up.

MICHAELangelo: "Killer Swans!"

JOSepH: "Oh bother..."
by Mr. Campbell February 05, 2007

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