1. King/Drew "hospital", that lost it's accredidation today. A really really really bad hospital, located in Compton/Watts/LosAngeles where the government sends people to die that doon't have health insurance. You go in with a broken pinky and leave dead.
1. Officer, this gang member that shot at you and you injured him in return fire, where should we send him? "Send that motherfucker to Killer King, they wll finish the job there".
by Dwayne February 02, 2005
Top Definition
A guy that is awesomely awesome. He's the greatest guy you'll ever meet, and ladies, you'll fall for this one. He'll be the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. He has dangerously good looks, but can have a temper at times. Killer is usually a nickname, but the ladies consider him a king so it gets added to it. Any girl who is with this stud is dubbed as his 'Killer Queen'. He's an awesome friend. You'll go to him if you have a problem or just to hang out, cuz he's so full of fun. Can also be kind of shy around new people, but once you know him, you'll love him.
Girl 1: "He's such a Killer King, I wish I could be his Killer Queen."
Girl 2: "I know right? And I think that new girl is his Killer Queen."
Girl1 and Girl 2: "Lucky."
by Kimiko_7392 December 08, 2011

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