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Slang for Park Hills, New York. A notoriously rough area whose housing projects have long been known as some of the most deadly in New York. The zip code 10304 and indeed the name Park Hills/Killa Hills is known to those living elsewhere mainly because of the overwhelming popularity of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan who made many references to the area over the years - including a song entitled "Killah Hills 10304" which appeared on GZA/Genius' first solo album, "Liquid Swords"
"You know where I'm from- Killa Hills, baby, 10304- so I don't even have to tell you how I handle shit like this- I'm gonna see you."

(Inspired by Method Man's response to Wendy Williams having made personal information concerning Method Man's wife public)
by simonsickboy February 13, 2011
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