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A phrase used to do something horrible, crazy, fun, or dangerous like Skateboarding down a hill, Jumping off a building, Raping a police officer, Getting fucking wasted, killing a man, taking a shit and then throwing it at the queen, pulling a sicky off work etc. It's like another word for 'YOLO' but much fucking cooler.

Can also be shortened down by saying "KTP"
Sam: "Hey John, wanna get wasted?"

John: "Yeah man Kill The Pig"

Sam: "I just killed the pig and pulled a sicky off work today so I can take a shit and throw it at the queen."
John: "Safeee"

John: "wanna kill the pig and skate down the top of that massive hill over there?"
Sam: "Yeah man KTP style."
by samneal October 13, 2013

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