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A clan that owns in RuneScape Bounty Hunter and PVP. People think that they suck but they are number 1.
Watch out Kill orgy is coming! RUNNNNN
by 3224c January 28, 2009
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A gay ass clan on Runescape that thinks they're the shit, even though they're a bunch of Paki's that 1 item liek faggots.
Oh look, Kill Orgy is coming to 1 item us because they suck dick.
by Blazerrrr July 24, 2010
A clan that's been around for years. Although no progress has been made in sed years, the 10 or so members give their all and are extremely dedicated (until jaja goes out). They go out every few weeks and although the leaders may not be that bright, their hearts are into their clan (except the leader, who's into skateboarding).
Oh wow, Kill Orgy just got cleared by 420!
by Die Nub Plz December 06, 2010

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