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the visual result of defecation so profuse that the pile emerges from the water level in the bowl, resembling the glacial crest of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
I made another kilimanjaro this morning after coffee.
by lutriano April 23, 2008
Killing 7 different people in a row with less than 4 seconds in between each kill. Also known as Killimanjaro
Dude, did you just see that? I got a Kilimanjaro!!
by klacknow November 18, 2007
A mountain in Africa known for the height of which it has grown over many many years
Damn, Kilimanjaro is a tall ass moutain!
by l33t pAnDa818 June 02, 2005
A mountain in Africa. Bastardized by Pete Doherty into the word Killamangiro, used as the name of a song by the band Babyshambles.
I killed a man for his giro today...
by ChaosRose August 15, 2005