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A fancy word for cute used by proos only
She's so kiko!
by The King of Kiko March 11, 2011
22 22
Slang word for Friend use in New York's Queensbridge housing projects.

Background: Kiko(Brother of Ty Nitty of Infamous Mobb) was a well known teenager who was murdered in the 1980's, after which in his memory his name was used to describe a friend by those who wished his name not be forgotten.
"Yo what up Kiko!!"

"Pass that ish kiko"
by Platinum Pistolz June 15, 2004
205 56
The absolute definition of cute.
Can you believe how kiko that kitten is?
by rayray is forever October 19, 2007
98 84
a person who consistently hits a tennis ball over the fence instead of over the net. It is also an abusive work used for misbehaving sons. It comes from the ancient phillipino slang for "stupid chef".
Terry: That's a KIKO! (ball goes over the fence)

James: I know.... I'm such an ideot - can't even hit the ball in the court! FAR OUT!
by mr. y October 04, 2006
32 87
Aquella persona que encuentra placer en manejar y llevar gente hacia donde ellos lo deseen.
No tengo como llegar a mi casa, espero encontrarme un kiko que me lleve
by gianna michaels March 23, 2008
11 74
kiko is the worst web designer EVER and can't speak proper english or even code layuts if her life depended on it
means losing skills and acting stupid
are you being a kiko today!?!? =O
by June Chii February 12, 2005
20 130