Male's penis in french.
Felix il a un gros kiki (From the french movie "Le père noël est une ordure")
by Mélanie C May 13, 2005
A lesbian who is neither butch nor femme, and who is attracted to other women who are neither butch nor femme. This term was in use in the lesbian community at least through the 1970s.
She's cute but I can't figure out what she's into - she's a little ki ki.
by bloocat April 09, 2011
pretty girl with slanted chinese eyes
may seem shy at first but is really outgoing
strong girl that is very independent
i want to be just like kiki!
by hot tottie bruh January 05, 2011
Cute short name for Keith in a sales room
Your such a great salesman kiki
by Shannnnneeeeeee June 10, 2009
a high pitched girl, normaly wearing bows. most likely to clap when excited.
i saw a kiki in the hallway wearing a bow.
by kendell10 October 30, 2007
Derived from Waikiki, its a
slang term used to describe the stupid islanders of Hawaii.
Look over there Max, see those kikis in the tent by the beach
by D Thizzle August 19, 2008
soft beverage commonly referred to as whisky but with a slight difference: you don't feel the alcohol inside the kiki whereas it stinks as hell in the whisky. The reason: you're already super duper drunk, fucko!
Alec: pass-me ch kiki!
Eric: fuck it the bottle is empty. fuck!
Nico: j'ai du gardant fruit
by fucko July 03, 2006

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