noun: slang.

1. An illicit drug.

2. Offensive: A ghetto chick.

3. Term of Endearment: A nickname for a female, usually a close friend.
1. Guy #1: "Did you get the kiki?"

Guy #2: "Nah man, I ain't smoked all day!"

2. "Shenika dyed her hot pink to match her new pumps, she a Kiki for real."

3. Girl #1: "What up Kiki?"

Girl #2: "Not much Kiki, just chillin'."
by SlimShayna October 30, 2014
Another word for Parkers girl. Kiki can be seen smiling a lot when she thinks of THAT ONE man who makes her universe revolve.
unless you are Parker you have no chance at all.
Kiki's whole face lights up when Parker is in the room.
by PansyLuck May 27, 2013
A Kiki is a person, usually short in stature and resembles a goblin, that is riddled with STD's. It is the male version of a Snookie.
"Did you see that Kiki passed out by the dumpster behind the bar?"
by DRF69 May 09, 2014
The awesomest girl ever! She is funny, sweet, kind and Magical!
She is also not adding her self in urban dictionary...

Just remember KIKI IS AWESOME! <3
Person 1: "Kiki is so nice!"
Person 2: "I KNOW! I wish I was like her!"
by kIk <3 April 04, 2011
A lesbian who does not fit into the traditional butch or femme role category. This is an outdated derogatory term that was largely used several decades ago in the gay and lesbian bar scene.
That kiki better not be looking at my girl.
by Dreamer7 September 28, 2009
a puppys' balls/genitalia... not in a beastiality way.. a cute way
my puppy has cute lil kikis.
by sketch factor June 14, 2007
Kiki's are extremely rare. They are majestic beasts of the Avalon. If you find one, take it into your arms & cherish it forever.
A kiki is not found in a safari, so sorry. But maybe in Tahiti, sweetie!
by marvelyn July 31, 2010

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