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The awesomest girl ever! She is funny, sweet, kind and Magical!
She is also not adding her self in urban dictionary...

Just remember KIKI IS AWESOME! <3
Person 1: "Kiki is so nice!"
Person 2: "I KNOW! I wish I was like her!"
by kIk <3 April 04, 2011
A lesbian who does not fit into the traditional butch or femme role category. This is an outdated derogatory term that was largely used several decades ago in the gay and lesbian bar scene.
That kiki better not be looking at my girl.
by Dreamer7 September 28, 2009
Kiki's are extremely rare. They are majestic beasts of the Avalon. If you find one, take it into your arms & cherish it forever.
A kiki is not found in a safari, so sorry. But maybe in Tahiti, sweetie!
by marvelyn July 31, 2010
(key-key): the persona a drunk girl takes on...possibly becoming belligerent, starting fights, planning threesomes or giving away embarassing information about one's self or others. KiKi can be amplified by wine.
Sarah: How was wine night last night?
John: Oh man, KiKi definitely came out, you should have been there!!!

Omar: She tried to fight him!?
Elliot: Yeah, but I don't blame her, it was definitely KiKi.
by ilovewine March 23, 2010
A women who enjoys daggering all day everyday.

The thursting turns her on whilst listening to a song. Some people say its wrong. But she can go all night long. She loves life 2k12
Boy 1: man she likes to dagger

Boy 2 : shes such a KIKI
by norab November 26, 2012
Another way of saying kinky.

Any girl who has a noticeable kinky side waiting to explode.
guy 1: how was your blind date?
guy 2: this girl had Kiki written all over her, she even had handcuffs hanging out of her purse
by ladiesgentlemann December 20, 2010
When two drag queens have sex with each other.
Lady B. was so drunk last night she and Flotilla almost had a kiki, but Bunny passed out before she could suck Flotilla off.
by mr mayonaisse July 13, 2012