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In Spanish slang,an instance of sexual intercourse
Eché un kiki con una perica en el váter del bar
I had a fuck with a lass in the bar's toilet

¡Te apetece un kiki?
¿Would you like a fuck?
by fonsucu January 29, 2009
240 175
A sleepover for gay guys
Oh, Ya we are gonna have a kiki tonight boy, I'm so ready!
by i lerv u February 04, 2013
270 208
An amazing person someone you always want to be around. A Kiki is smart, sexy, funny, and a great artist.
Person 1: Wow, she's damn sexy!
Person 2: Ya man, she's so hot!
Person 3: I LOVE KIKI!
by SoccerRoqs December 27, 2011
200 141
Means cool awesomeness and totally swag out if you can't handle them then hop off the back board.
keke , superstar, popular, funny, cute, kiki
by kiki poki January 17, 2013
138 108
A Kiki is a person, usually short in stature and resembles a goblin, that is riddled with STD's. It is the male version of a Snookie.
"Did you see that Kiki passed out by the dumpster behind the bar?"
by DRF69 May 09, 2014
1 2
Another word for Parkers girl. Kiki can be seen smiling a lot when she thinks of THAT ONE man who makes her universe revolve.
unless you are Parker you have no chance at all.
Kiki's whole face lights up when Parker is in the room.
by PansyLuck May 27, 2013
15 16
a puppys' balls/genitalia... not in a beastiality way.. a cute way
my puppy has cute lil kikis.
by sketch factor June 14, 2007
3 14