A sleepover for gay guys
Oh, Ya we are gonna have a kiki tonight boy, I'm so ready!
by i lerv u February 04, 2013
When two drag queen have sex (hook up) with each other.
Girl, I saw Shelita Buffet and Shanita Quit leaving after the show, together. I bet there was some scary ki ki going on at that house.
by Oaxaca78 February 20, 2009
In Spanish slang,an instance of sexual intercourse
Eché un kiki con una perica en el váter del bar
I had a fuck with a lass in the bar's toilet

¡Te apetece un kiki?
¿Would you like a fuck?
by fonsucu January 29, 2009
Means cool awesomeness and totally swag out if you can't handle them then hop off the back board.
keke , superstar, popular, funny, cute, kiki
by kiki poki January 17, 2013
A women or girl who carries herself very well. She is an inspiration to others. She is alluring in character. She is a synonym for beauty, although It's difficult for her to see this. Most intriguing person you'll ever meet.
Scissor Sisters: "Kiki? oh, she's marvelous!!"
by You're my secret. December 22, 2014
The main character of the Studio Ghibli film Kiki's Delivery Service. She is a young witch whose special ability is flight. She likes listening to the radio, as well as her cat and friend Jiji, and of course the friends she makes during the story.
Kiki wears a large, red hair ribbon in a bow and flies.
by epic_pandemic January 29, 2015
Alternate spelling of Kai kai

The act of flamboyant fornication between drag queens whilst still in drag.

See Kai-Kai
Rupaul speaking to contestants in her show RuPaul's Drag Race:
"You are gonna get the chance to do one another. Now, I'm not talking ki ki!"
by Mooselimb November 10, 2014
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