A penis that is longer than twelve inches in length.
Oh my god girl, you should have seen the kikaida in his pants.
by Tohru Fujisawa June 09, 2003
Top Definition
A fighting android with a conscience circuit, from the live action Japanese series Kikaida.
How can you be that strong?! Are you a Kikaida?!
by Laughing Guise July 31, 2003
A badass mofo with an explosive temper and an obsession with Bob Sapp and the movie Troll. He also thinks the word "whore" is a friendly greeting.
Keep your distance from Kikaida, he bites..
by Jules Carrozza September 17, 2003
A bad motherfucker
Damn did you see him, he's a Kikaida!
by Tohru Fujisawa June 09, 2003
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