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Kicks and Giggles
Just for Kiggles I called the bank to check my balance anyway, yuk yuk yuk..lmao
by DeeRocStar September 08, 2009
The act of giggling and jiggling simultaneously.
Girl 1: That girl over there won't stop giggling, and look how she's jiggles when she laughs..

Girl 2: That's called a kiggle.
by myfriendwasafish May 16, 2010
Stronger then 'like' but less then 'love'.

Part of a relationship where saying 'love' is to much. Usually during the first few months of a relationship using the word 'love' is to strong for most couples, because you don't want to ruin a relationship, as it can scare some people. By using the word kiggle you create a meaning that is stronger then like, but less then love, until you reach the stage where you are in love with that special someone.
Boy: I kiggle you.
Girl: I kiggle you too.
by dramafreak92 November 11, 2010