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A term describing a prolonged stage of particularly underdeveloped emotional health. Symptoms include a sense of entitlement, in spite of little or no actual earned accomplishment, and a sometimes astonishing lack of elementary and basic character, seen particularly in the inability to edit one's own words or behavior.
Though the man was in his early 30s, his childish remarks and impetuous behavior showed that he was developmentally stuck in a major Kiffin.
by LongWayfromHome February 06, 2010
To throw up slightly in one's mouth, then swallow it.
"Oh man, I better slow down, I just kiffined after that last shot of Jack Daniel's."
by Gwilo February 01, 2010
That person who is always the most annoying in a crowd. They always want to talk to you about Tennessee football, but you're like "GO AWAY!!!" That is a Kiffin. This person has no life and is pretty much wearing bright orange all the time. Yeah, those type of people will not make it very far in life.
Man, this kid at school will never leave me alone. He looks like a trustee walking over here with all that orange. He must be a Kiffin.
by #1 Dawg Fan May 19, 2009
When you throw up a little bit in your mouth, and swallow it back down.
I just got beat by Ohio State, and it made me kiffin a little bit!!
by VolNation January 02, 2015
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