A short airy little fart, usually the type that occurs while urination in the morning. Or while straining. A kife may also lead to a shart if not careful or cause unwanted residue within underpants..
''Sally let out a small kife while laughing''

Hey Fred, I wouldnt use that pillow... Joe bare assed kife on it yesterday and you might get pink eye..
by Yononymous January 14, 2015
Can only be defined by examples.
Kife is when you're coloring something with a crayon and the tip breaks off so you have to hold it together by the tip while you finish coloring.

Kife is when you're making a Hungryman dinner and you're only supposed to peel off the plastic over the meat and poke holes through the beans and gravy, but you accidently peel the whole plastic off and it doesnt work.

Kife is when you put a milk bag into the pitcher and you cut the wrong side.

Kife is when you lose something.

Kife is when your cell phone rings and by the time you get it out of your jean pocket that is some-what tight you missed the call.

Kife is when you have to study for a big test or exam and you forget your notes at school.
by Mr.Goatee4Kris September 11, 2009
A sharp vagina - usually crusted-over and filled with scabs.
1: "I heard Christine has a kife dude."
2: "Damn, now that I know she has a crust-filled, flaky snatch I don't want any part of that."
by Kife Bacon January 30, 2012
Top Vagina or Fit Girls
theres some sweet kife out tonight
by vacmanrulz October 07, 2011
Some that is utterly disturbing or disgusting to someone.
Carl asked Jimmy "How did that girl taste?" and Jimmy replied "Damn dude, she was Kife."
by Kife Licker May 30, 2010
dirty, or nasty.
usually used to describe someone or something.
"ew thats kife!"
"this tastes kife!"
"did you here about scotia" "yeah shes kife"
by wastexcase August 17, 2008
Great grossness, disgusting, ick.
John showed me 2girls1cup the other day. It was so kife.
by lifelikezombie March 10, 2009
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