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A tomboy who cares about her friends. She has a darkside and a dark past but isnt afriad to hide it. She has a great sense of humor and is a great person. She is creative and crazy. She loves to draw and listen to music. She is outspoken and shy at the same time. She can get off topic often. But she is overall a great person you would be lucky to meet!
Kiersten: Hai

Griffinilla: Wierdo
by AngelofKiersten May 05, 2012
a sexy fine looking woman.. Amazing at kissing and loves to be loved. Is strong and tough and loves a good fight
guy 1: look at that girl

guy 2: she is such a kiersten
by lollypop111112 July 10, 2008
The girl you've always wanted. The one that will always love you. Kiersten's genurally have a great rack, personality, ass and good sense of humor. Loves to dance and make new friends. Very bubbly and adorable. Loves to give head and get creative.
Wow, the Kiersten girl gives great head. She's perfect!
by Anomissseeness January 03, 2010
A sweet girl, generally pretty with light brown hair. A Kiersten is usually dissatisfied with her looks, and is constantly changing things about herself to feel less insecure. Expansive chest, green-blue eyes, petiteness, and smarts are common in a Kiersten. Possibly awkward.
Guy 1: "Didn't that girl have a different hair colour yesterday?"
Guy 2: "Yeah. She is such a Kiersten."

Guy: "Why does our teacher even ask US the questions?"
Girl: "I know, right? If she wants to know the answers so bad, all she needs to do is ask Kiersten."
by S.O.M.I. January 02, 2011
A sexy, pretty, drop dead gorgeous girl that is a amazing kisser and loves to be around friends. Every guy wants to date her and every girl wants to be her, she is the girl that could make you the luckyest guy ever. She is funny, smart, and has a great personality, she is like an angel.
Did you see how pretty she was? She must be a kiersten.
by MJCAGCIOLBTON March 16, 2013
A beautiful girl, with a stunning smile. An amazing dancer! She will want to go to LSU. She steals all the guys hearts. The class clown. The one who LOVES Justin Beiber. The girl that everyone strives to be like. The one who also has an awesome boyfriend.
GUY: Man shes hott

Guy2: yeah i know she looks like a Kiersten

Guy3: GUYS she is my girlfriend! also her name is Kiersten :)
by thaxton2009 December 30, 2010
A european movie actress, starring in the film "Manny Waters" and "Majaica."

She started as a home-schooled pizza girl often referred to as Spurbow, famous for words such as: dorko, stupidhead and jerkface. A wall of shame has been erected in her honor.

Synonymous with Spurbow and Criminal Master Mind.
"Jeeze Kiersten, do you ever kill anyone with those spurbows?"

"Kiersten, you are SO fired
by Tee Cee January 21, 2008