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A name for a Maltese boy who is like a god to everyone around him.
He is fit, and a great runner. Some believe that he will one day become famous or win a medal.

He is intelligent, funny, good looking, just amazing all around.
His perfect match is normally someone close-ish to him, but not too close. Maybe someone who hasn't been in his life as long as some others have. He should keep his close friends close.
Two girls will try to enter his life that will not be good for him.

He must stay out of these girls' way, because they are no-good sluts. For all he knows, they are the girls that sit on his table at work or school.
^About his perfect match, she will not appeal to him at first. He might reject her at first. Kieren's are commonly known to become friends before becoming closer. It is advised that Kieren's do not date anyone close to them. People starting with these letters are not advised to be dating a Kieren: D,Y,A,E,N,J,M.
Kieren will do well in school because he is smart and has high hopes. He should bring the ones he treasures most with him.
Kieren should stay close to his class and work mates, especially the ones that truly get him. (Eg. Girls that have liked him, close guy-friends)
Girl one: Oh my gosh, Kieren you are so amazing!
Kieren: Sorry ~Girl one~, but you are only a friend.
Girl two: Kieren, you know I have liked you since we were younger....
Kieren:~Girl two~, you know we are always going to be friends.
by MrsAmazing July 10, 2011
Kieren is the most amazing guy there is. Kierens are hilarious and enjoy hearing and making others laugh. They are very out going and easy to talk to. Kierens have the most amazing personality and care so much about those around him. Kierens are foolish and childish but for all the right reasons.

Kierens have every girl wishing they were his. But Kierens will always be loyal to their own girl. Kierens girl is normally someone he never thought of being with or even though of loving her so much. Kierens girl normally starts of as a friend with easy going flirty conversation that leaves a girl thinking no way am i good enough for him. But he will reel them in with his sweet words, amazing hugs and kisses and cheekiness. The girl that would have him is the luckiest girl in the world.

Kierens are very athletic, they enjoy sport and love social side of it as well as competitive. They are mostly tanned and muscular but dont like to show it.
girl- whos he?
other girl- kieren... dont even think about it, it would just be a dream
girl- hmmmm ill go to sleep than?
by Smiliiiiies November 07, 2011
A leet counter-strike player, also goes by the name Fluffy.
Currently living in NewZealand, he loves to play Counter-Strike 1.5 and his favourite map is scoutzknivez.
*DEAD*Random Noob 1: OH MY GOD! Did you see Kieren freaking owning us through the walls last round? he's so ownage at scoutzknivez

*DEAD*Random Noob 2: Hell yes!! I was one of those noobs getting pwned, fluffy's so leet. I'm pretty sure he hacks oi

*DEAD*Fluffy: you guys do know i can hear you...
by Kevin Chang March 12, 2008
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