Kieran is a dark haired, sporty guy who loves soccer. Some Kierans may have had fire accidents where they have become burnt but they are still an amazing person with a beautiful smile. Kieran's are easy to love and super fun to hang out with.
i want one of those Kierans
by iwantkieran April 29, 2013
The act of sleeping with your marijuana in your hand as to protect it from prying fingers. Can be incorporated to describe the act of sleeping with ones pipe and lighter as well.
Bob- Hey, wake up Allen... wait is that your weed? did you sleep with your weed???? you fuckin kieran!

Allen- Shut upp, i was stoned....
by Darcy Chumang January 25, 2009
The worst kind of person. A backstabbing lowlife. An opportunistic bastard. A smarmy stinksack. An arrogant asshole. The bottom turd in a turd-pile.
Gosh, I thought Michael was nice, but it turns out that he's a real Kieran.
by tim345678945678998765 December 17, 2013
Flaming homosexual, usually a closet case.. Won't tell anyone he's totally gay. Also severely retarded
Kieran did you tell your friends you're gay?
Nope because i'm gay.
by iamsoooooooawesomelololol May 19, 2011
A generally shy Boy, Seems energetic and happy, but on the inside hes dying, People don't generally assume somethings wrong until its too late. Until He decides that nobody actually cares, and nobody listens or accepts his hand when he reaches out to help them. Kieran May seem Alive, But hes just a walking bag of flesh.
Girl:Hey you see that guy over there?

Girl 2:Yeah, he seems full of energy

Girl: I see him with his head down in shame sometimes though

Girl 2:Must be a Kieran.
by The sufferer with no witness October 10, 2009
the act of cockblocking s person from scoring whether it be repeating s word over and over again or just being awkwardly silen in an unwanted place at an unwanted time.
that bitch was being the biggest kieran ever. He sat there while I had my hands in her pants and he started pushing her nose and saying jejejeje I'm a Mexican.
by niggerballsinyobutthole May 05, 2011
A cool kid who is a dork but cool at the same time. He most likely plays numerous instruments including the bass. He is probably irish and VERY WHITE.
-Hey, it's Kieran
-He's a dork
by asdfghJake February 09, 2009

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