A name that describes an extremely masculine and superior figure who can resurrect dead puppies with his good looks and charming personality. Often known for doing really badass things, like beating up an army of great white sharks with a motorcycle.
Girl: I want to fuck him because he's perfect in every conceivable way.
Boy: That motherfucker is a Kieran.
by TakeThatSenja May 02, 2011
Top Definition
A boy who is manly while sensitive at the same time who likes to make jokes and has many friends, He often just likes to relax and listen to music while talking to friends, he is very sporty and likes to play many sports but cant stand just sitting there watching them, he is often out doing things with friends and is very helpful when you are in need of assistence, they like to be alone sometimes to think and dress better then most others
Girl: that guy must have a name of Kieran he he helped me and was really nice i wonder if he has a girlfriend

Girl: looking at him would say yes
by Orzo September 01, 2008
A name of Irish/Celtic origins. Can mean either 'Little Dark One' or 'Dark Poet By The Sea'.
Kieran in generally used as a male name, but is sometimes used for females aswell
by Kieran Melroe August 14, 2006
name given to someone who is mishevious, expects lots of attention, but is very caring and loving. Sometimes abbriviated to turnip.....
kieran u gert turnip, you fucked up my computer
by Lewis Da king June 03, 2006
a boy who's more then could be asked for in a boyfriend. I love him. Makes you feel like something tickley inside everytime you look at him. He's sexy and knows how to makes everything better :]

Tries to be tough but is a cute little teddy bear inside :] oh
and refuses to eat anything but take away.
kieran the squishie.
by azserendipity January 19, 2009
Kieran is a name of a Irish or gaelic origin. Pronounced KEER-en. Its meaning is little dark one. Kieran has 11 variant forms: Ciaran, Keiran, Keiron, Kernan, Kieren, Kiernan, Kieron, Kierren, Kierrin, Kierron and Kiran.

Kieran is a boy who is fun and easy to be around, he can be quite humorous but yet quite serious and is smart. He isn't necessarily the most popular person, but has a good group of friends. He is an active person, who loves the water and loves to participate in sport, mainly fighting sports (i.e boxing, kickboxing, MMA etc) he doesn't like to sit around and watch though. He is easy to talk to, and always helps someone in need. Kieran is a smart and sensible boy, who is creative and also good with money. Kieran loves his music and is open to new genres and songs. He is stylish and a trend setter.

All in all Kierans are usually good blokes
Girl 1:Hey who's that guy?

Girl 2:Oh hes Kieran, hes a great guy so nice and funny

Girl 1: Yeah I spoke to him earlier, he seems great!

Girl 2: Yeah he is! You should go blow him!
by LilWayne is a terrible rapper! October 14, 2011
A techno loving guy who is really weird but at the same time covers the weird with cool.
Woman 1: Wow, that boy is cute.

Woman 2: No, you don't want him he's a kieran.

Woman 1: That's perfect!
by ~>Mr.Poetic<~ February 13, 2008
A name for a tech smart hot guy that is really funny because he always will make a really random remark but it will crack you up to the limit.
Girl 1: Heyy, you see that guy over there?
Girl 2: Yeah, that's kieran.
Girl 1: He is so funny and awesome, I am like crazy for him.
Girl 2: Miigosh, You going to ask him out?
Girl 1: Definitely
by Hawtie2027 April 11, 2009
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