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v: the one or only.

adj; the black yonder of the creative eye in which brings confusion to some. But to people with similar interests a 'Kienan' is the enlightening creativity that brings more joy and a different out look on life
Friend: Hrmm, this painting is odd.

Me: What fool? this painting Kienaned my entire day!
by Steven Quaker January 27, 2010
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Fun, outgoing, very energetic, nice smile, great person to be around
Lets hang out with Kienan he's so cool
by camdog13 April 01, 2013
kienan- to be very perverted to the extent of beyond normal someone is being a kienan when they use the term "instaboner" this or any other terrifying term is being a kienan

the sentence below is an example of being a kienan
hey dude that girl colleen is so freaking hott i wanna penetrate her! me:dude dont be a kienan
by Brett (BHK) January 12, 2008

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