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An evil type stare that blood members of the Kielenstyn family exhibit. This stare allows mothers to subdue their children, scaring the truth from deep within their lying brain.

A Kielenstyn stare when used with non-family members can be quite terrorizing.

The Kielenstyn stare is an inherited trait although some may believe it is an learned trait. Some newer generation Kielenstyns do not have "the look" which is devastating since they cannot overpower others as their parents once did.
Ah shit ... Mom's giving us the Kielenstyn look ... "MOM, I DIDN'T DO WHATEVER YOU THINK I MIGHT HAVE ... oh, come on, stop with the look ... mom continues to stare ... FINE here's my report card."
#kielenstyn #kielenstijn #stare #look #inherited trait
by RaRu February 02, 2010
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